"In that moment, I made a choice. I chose me."

My Journey

After that moment, opportunities started to align, and my path changed. It was very challenging having to look back and understand how I got to that point in my life. Then my next challenge was looking within and starting to recognize and heal old wounds that had worked their way into my personality and behaviours.

Along the way I assembled a team, changed every belief I had, gained a lot of new tools and some insight. Combined all of this with hard work and sweat to lose 151lbs and take control of my life. I had to get very uncomfortable.

"And that is when my life started."

"Once you learn, pass on the lesson. Ease someone else’s journey."

Susan can speak about her topics because these lessons she has had to learn the hard way. She will share her stories and lessons learned to leave you empowered and inspired to forge your path.

Keynote Speaking

Have Susan speak at your next event.  Susan likes to talk about:

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
How she lost 151lbs and changed her story
Finding the journey back to yourself
& much more!

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